Thursday, October 25, 2012

Compassion's Christmas Gift Catalog

Compassion's Christmas Gift Catalog is now available online!
You can view all of the gifts online, but you can order a catalog here.
Have some questions about the gift catatog? You will find answers here.
I love that there are so many choices to help make a difference! You can $4 to help protect one child from parasites... can also share in the gift by helping to provide a roof for a highly vulnerable child and family.
We have already had a family discussion about scaling back our Christmas gifts this year so that we can make a purchase from the catalog to help spread some Christmas joy!
What gift are you drawn to?


  1. we received our catalog too this week! Very nice. I was looking for the bibles & soccer balls. Last year we gave bibles in honor of several friends. Do you know if they will still have these things?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Teena! They did make some changes to the catalog this year. I love that we have the opportunity to share in some larger priced items.


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