Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tradition: Homemade Gifts

I know it takes a little more time and planning on my part, but I really enjoy making gifts for my family and friends for Christmas.

For years now, I have usually made pajama bottoms for the kids to open on Christmas Eve. This way they have new jammies to wear for Christmas morning pictures. One time I did make each of them robes. That was quite a few years ago, because Kelsey can now wear the robe that I had made for Matthew... :o) 

During the summer, we are surrounded by plenty of fresh fruit. I try to make enough jam for my family as well as for gifts. Apricot, plum, and cranberry-strawberry are some of the favorites. Kevin likes to share these with some of the employees at his work.

For the kid's friends, I found a fun gift idea on Pinterest.

We added something extra to the candy bars.

With Kevin's help, I love the way these turned out!

For my friends, I decided to try this lemon sugar scrub recipe I found on Pinterest.

I was hoping to find some cute spoons to pair with the jars, but our thrift store only had knives. Oh well!

And it looks like my mom is the winner in my last giveaway for the knitted dishcloth! She was the only one who left a comment, so the dishcloth will be on its way to her tomorrow with her other Christmas gift. Thank you for entering my drawing mom!


  1. Soooo I was on Pinterest before reading this post and saw a picture of the reindeer candy bar wrappers and was thinking how cute they were. Then I thought WOW! The girl holding it looks like Kelsey!!! I wonder if Mrs. R noticed when she pinned it? Boy do I feel stupid now ;) They turned out great!

    Congratulations to your mom! And merry Christmas!

  2. @Dani, LOL! The kids picked the reindeer candy bars over another project, so I was glad they had fun putting them together. Kelsey likes to hide these days during pictures, so it kind of worked out good for the Pinterest picture :o)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

  3. I love the gift ideas and I especially love your heart and advocacy for the children of Compassion! We sponsor two children and dearly love them. I have not yet entered the realm of Pinterest--there are so many fun and amazing ideas on there--what am I waiting for?!? :o)

  4. @Elle Bee, thank you for you kind comments and what a blessing for those two kids your family sponsors!

    I have enjoyed Pinterest and have found many ideas there. I even have a board for Compassion ideas... :o)

  5. Thank you, honey, for the dish cloth...I love it...haven't been on the computer much lately so this is a little late in comming. Love you...mom


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