Our Compassion Kids

Our Compassion adventure began in March of 2010 when we were following the blog posts of a friend who was visiting a couple of their Compassion kids in India. We decided to sponsor a child and we searched for a girl with a birthday close to Kelsey's. Natalia from Colombia was the new addition to our family!

We wrote a couple of letters to Natalia and we also received a couple of letters from her. Then we received a letter from Compassion letting us know that her family moved away from the project. So once again, the kids and I gathered around the computer. On the Compassion web site, we put in Kelsey's birthdate and we added Lina, who is also from Colombia, to our family!

Then in the summer of 2011, Matthew and I had a chance to volunteer at the Compassion booth at the Spirit West Coast Festival usually held in Monterey. This was an amazing experience which led to both of us becoming advocates with Compassion.

We have now added 2 more sponsored children to our family, as well as 8 correspondent kids. We make time each month to write to each one of these kids and send them some fun paper craft projects that we create. We pray for them and their families each day. It has certainly helped each one of us think more about what we can give up to be more of a blessing in their lives.

If you have ever thought about sponsoring a child with Compassion, please make that decision today!

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