Great Field Trips!

Field trips and day trips are a great way to take a break from the regular book work and get out and do some exploring!
When your kids are younger, I always found it best to keep your field trip destinations fairly close to home...things like: the park, the post office, the library, the grocery store, the fire station, the pizza parlor, the ice cream shop, etc. These destinations are wonderful for helping your children learn more about the community they live in. Most of these field trips are easy to set up. Next time you find yourself in one of the places, ask to talk to the manager. I always figure, the worst they can say is 'no', and if that is the case, move onto the next place. It never hurts to ask!
Once your kids are a little older and can handle being out all day without a nap or some quiet time, make plans to go for some longer day trips. National and state parks, museums, zoos, factory tours, historical sites, etc. Most of us have these types of areas within driving distance of our homes. It is a shame to not visit some of these places! Of course you need to figure in cost, but it is so easy to pack up a lunch, fill a big water jug with ice and water, and have everyone bring their own water bottles. Just because you are going on a field trip, doesn't mean you have to eat lunch out! :o)
Below, I will be adding links to places we have visited in California, and some places we have visited outside of California (we call these 'extended family field trips!). I hope you enjoy the list! If you ever find a broken link, be sure to let me know so I can fix it. This list will continue to grow as I have time to add places that we have been, and as we continue to go on field trips!
California Field Trip Destinations:
Out of California Field Trip Destinations:

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