Friday, May 11, 2012

Compassion Sponsor Letter Writing Night

I don't know about you, but I am so ready to go on a Compassion Sponsor Trip after reading so many of the blog posts from Tanzania this week!

In the meantime, this afternoon, the kids and I colored flags I found on the Crayola web site. The flags are from the 26 countries where Compassion is working. We added these to our Compassion binder that we have been putting together.

Tonight was our monthly letter writing night! I love finding craft projects, stickers, and other items to send to our sponsored children. A couple of weeks ago, I found some VBS sticker packs at Michaels for $1 each. I let everyone know that if they joined us this evening, I would give them a sheet of stickers for their Compassion child.

For our project this evening, I found a neat idea on Pinterest. We used cardstock, traced our hand, cut them out, and added a Bible verse. On the back, we are hoping a translation of the verse will be written in the child's language, if needed.

We are going to send an extra sheet of paper with instructions that we would like our sponsored child to trace their hand onto the paper, add a verse, then send it back to us. If we get any handprints back, my plan is to add the child's picture to the handprint, laminate them, and add them as bookmarks for my Bible.

In addition to the stickers and handprints, we are going to send them a state page that I found on the Crayola web site. I decided to color one of the pages and will send each of the kids a blank page for them to color.

Since we are sending items to twelve kids, we usually make sure we label everything. I made labels for everyone which makes it a little quicker to label multiple items. Then all the items for one child will be placed either in a ziploc bag or an envelope. The ziploc bag or envelope will also be labeled for each individual child. Then all the ziploc bags or envelopes are placed in one big envelope to send off to Compassion. We are hoping this makes it a little easier for the crew in Colorado to sort out for each of the kids.

What types of things do you like to send to your sponsored children?


  1. LOVE the handprint/Bible verse idea!!!

    When I was in Peru, I traced the hand of little Emanuel - the boy I sponsored while I was there. It's precious to have his handprint.

    1. How sweet that you have Emanuel's handprint! How long ago was your trip? Maybe you can send him some paper and ask for a new handprint?

  2. I am so stealing this idea! I would love to send my traced hand to my kiddos! And sending them a piece of paper for them to send their hand back is fantastic. I wish I could join your letter writing nights!

    I like the ziploc bag idea. I've been sticking to paper clipping everything together for each child. It appears to be working!

    1. Are you on Pinterest? I find a lot of ideas around the internet and 'pin' them on my Compassion board. Also Compassion is on Pinterest and I have been able to 'pin' some letter writing ideas on their board (I have been helping with their Pinterest account).

      I know that Compassion is working on a blog post about sending items to multiple children. It will be fun to see how other people send stuff to multiple kids!

  3. Love these ideas! Each of my daughters now have a sponsored or correspondant child so I am planning on doing the handprint project during our next letter writing morning.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Glad you stopped by! How fun for your daughters to each have someone to write to! My daughter loves being a correspondent sponsor. She is currently writing to 4 children. As soon as a letter comes in the mail from one of them, she immediately gets a new letter out to them. Where are your sponsored children from?


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