Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Abner

I just love this little guy!

Since I became Abner's correspondent sponsor back in October, I have received 3 letters from him. It seems to take about 2 months for his letters to arrive in my mailbox. Abner is the little guy who lives in Colombia and has a parrot named Rebeca.

So after being gone for a week, I was so excited with a new letter from Abner! There were 2 pages! The first page was on typical Compassion stationery and it says:

"Dear Yvonne:

I greet you in the love of the Lord hoping that you are enjoying good health. I want to tell you that I have lots of fun in the project with my teachers and I do nice things; I made a snowflake and I am learning to dance, drama, and folklore music. In drama we are working in our emotions and about our daily activities.

I thank you for your letter and the beautiful pictures. I had a nice birthday, I had a great time and ate cake. I received a heavy duty truck and a couple of toy limousines too.

I pray for all of you that God blesses you more each day.

I now say goodbye with a strong hug hoping that God blesses you always."

OK, so reading this almost makes me want to cry! But imagine my surprise when I looked on the next page and saw a picture of Abner smiling!

This next page says:

"This is me one day with my brothers and we are playing. We took a lot of pictures and this was one of them.

This is the mascot of our house. Her name is Rebeca. We had talked about her before. I hope you like it. I love her dearly.

On a good day, I will see if I can send one of everyone in my family, for now I send a hug and kisses. God Bless You. Thank you very much."

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to send a package for Abner with another sponsor who was traveling to Colombia to visit her Compassion kids. I know Abner loves to draw and I can't wait for him to receive the colored pencils I sent to him.

One day I pray that I will have the opportunity to visit one of our Compassion kids. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how important these kids have become in my life. We pray for each one of them daily and send them all at least one letter each month. I pray they realize what a blessing they are to my life, knowing that one day, we will all be rejoicing together in heaven!


  1. What a sweet letter......and I love the extra pictures!

    1. I completely agree! Just loved his letter and the pictures!

  2. When I read the sentence about how you were overwhelmed, I knew immediately what you are feeling. I am 23 years old, with no children of my own. I have absolutely no real idea what it feels like to be a mother. But, getting letters from, writing letters to, and thinking about my sponsored children is the closest thing to motherly love I've ever felt. My heart just aches for me!

    What a wonderful letter from Abner. And those pictures! What a cutie!

    1. Their letters always touch my heart, as I am sure they do yours too. Just wait until you have your own children. Being a sponsor is just a glimpse for you of what it is like to love someone so unconditionally!

  3. Isn't it amazing how these little people are knit into our hearts and become FAMILY? Ronald just arrived in our sponsor file as a correspondent child and each one of my girls just melted at the news. I put him as the desktop picture to surprise them.

    Thank you for sharing the letter. It is precious. We haven't heard from any of our kids since January ~ four of them are new, and CI is checking on the other two.

    with joy...

    1. What a fun surprise for your girls about Ronald! Hope you receive some great letters soon... :o)


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