Monday, July 16, 2012

Wordless Book

Last week, when I was teaching VBS, I put together Wordless Books for the kids in my class. These books are an easy way for kids (and adults) to remember the salvation message, then be able to share it with others.

Then I thought, if my VBS kids could share this message with their friends, so could our Compassion kids! After reading this blog post about sponsor letters on the Compassion blog, I knew I wanted to send more than one wordless book to each one of our kids. Matthew and Kelsey helped out by stapling together quite a few books to get ready for our monthly mailing.

While at Target over the weekend, I found some boxes of animal and space fact cards in the dollar spot which will make a nice addition to our mailing this month. What did you send to your kids this month?


  1. very cool idea! I haven't written yet... going to this week!

    my girl (Lysa) is at Student Life camp this week. I am so excited for her. She called today and she has already met the LDP that will be speaking!



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